maandag 30 november 2009

D/L: Shock Value 2 (Album)

The third solo album from R&B producer Timbaland and
the second volume of the platinum-selling Shock Value.
The album features guest appearances from various artists.

1. Intro (by DJ Felli Fel)
2. Carry Out (featuring Justin Timberlake)
3. Lose Control (featuring JoJo)
4. Meet In Tha Middle (featuring Bran' Nu)
5. Say Something (featuring Drake)
6. Tommorow In The Bottle (featuring Chad Kroeger & Sebastian)
7. We Belong To Music (featuring Miley Cyrus)
8. Morning After Dark (featuring Nelly Furtado & SoShy)
9. If We Ever Meet Again (featuring Katy Perry)
10.Can You Feel It (featuring Esthero & Sebastian)
11.Ease Off The Liquor
12.Undertow (featuring The Fray & Esthero)
13.Timothy Where You Been (featuring Jet)
14.Long Way Down (featuring Daughtry)
15.Marching On (Timbo Version) (featuring One Republic)
16.The One I Love (featuring Keri Hilson & D.O.E.)
17.Symphony (featuring Attitude, Bran' Nu & D.O.E.)


D/L: Here We Go Again

Another New Kid On The Block who
wants to make it solo.
This time Joey McIntyre with
"Here We Go Again"


D/L: Empire State Of Mind Pt. 2 (Broken Down)

Here's a new Alicia Keys track that will
be on her upcoming new album.
It's the solo version of Jay-Z song
"Empire State Of Mind"


D/L: Symphony ft. Brandy, Attitude & D.O.E.

Here's a new track from Shock Value 2
titled "Symphony" with Brandy (AKA Bran-Nu)


zondag 22 november 2009

D/L: Louboutins

Here's Jennifer Lopez's
official first single of her upcoming
new album that will be released
somewhere in 2010.


D/L: Hole In My Head ft Justin Timberlake

Here's a new Rihanna track which is a
leftover or bonustrack of the new
"Rated R" album.
It's titled "Hole In My Head" and features
Justin Timberlake.


zaterdag 21 november 2009

D/L: Crazy Girl ft Justin Timberlake

Here's a new Timbaland track
titled "Crazy Girl" and it features
Justin Timberlake.
"Crazy Girl" is probably a leftover
track of the "Shock Value 2" sessions.
Cause it's not gonna be an album track.


D/L: Bad Habit
D/L: That's Entertainment
D/L: Gone
D/L: Pictures

Here are 4 newly leaked
Ne-Yo tracks. Probably demo's.
But always good to hear some
new Ne-Yo!


vrijdag 20 november 2009

D/L: Waking Up Bonus Tracks

Here are the 4 bonus tracks of
the Deluxe edition of the new "
One Republic album "Waking Up"

12. Passenger
13. It's a Shame
14. Trap Door
15. Sucker Punch


D/L: I Am Yours (Album)

When Beyonce takes the stage, there's no doubt
that you are watching and hearing a rare talent
that transcends genres and inspires people of
all ages and race. From up-tempo Soul workouts
to beautiful Pop ballads, Beyonce makes it look and
sound so easy, yet there is so much more than meets
the eye: she reaches in and touches the heart and soul
of each and everybody in the room.
This set features an intimate performance
at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.


01. Hello
02. Halo
03. Irreplaceable
04. Sweet Dreams Medley
05. If I Were A Boy
06. Scared Of Lonely
07. That's Why You'Re Beautiful
08. Satellites
09. Resentment
10. Deja Vu Jazz Medley
11. Deja Vu


01. I Wanna Be Where You Are
02. Destiny's Child Medley
03. Work It Out
04. '03 Bonnie & Clyde
05. Crazy In Love
06. Naughty Girl
07. Get Me Bodied
08. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) Medley
09. Finale


maandag 16 november 2009

D/L: I Want It All (Automatic Panic Vs DJ Cat NYC Remix)

Here's a remix of a song of
group "Dangerous Muse."
I would love to have the unremixed
version ^^ loving the song and more...
LOVE them :P


D/L: Pulse

Here's a new "Echo" leftover
titled "Pulse"
Hope Leona's gonna use it as a bonus
track for one of the singles she's
gonna release.


D/L: Zoo (demo)

Here's a leaked demo of
a Nicole Scherzinger song
probably recorded when she
recorded the Timbaland tracks.
It's still a rough demo, but


zaterdag 14 november 2009

D/L: Master Plan
D/L: Whataya Want From Me

Here are 2 newly leaked tracks of
American Idol runner up Adam Lambert
of his upcoming debut album "For Your Enterntainment"


vrijdag 13 november 2009

D/L: Video Phone (remix) ft Lady Gaga

Here's a official remix of
Beyonce's "Video Phone"
featuring Lady Gaga.


D/L: Rated R (Album)

The wait is ova - for one of the most hotly
anticipated new albums in recent history,
as multi-platinum, award-winning Def Jam
recording artist Rihanna announces the completion
of her fourth original studio album, "Rated R,"
scheduled to arrive in the physical and digital
marketplace on Monday, November 23rd.
The "Russian Roulette" video, directed by Anthony
Mandler, has premiered in prime-time on ABC.

1. Mad House
2. Wait Your Turn
3. Hard (featuring Jeezy)
4. Stupid In Love
5. Rockstar 101 (featuring Slash)
6. Russian Roulette
7. Fire Bomb
8. Rude Boy
9. Photographs (featuring
11.Te Amo
12.Cold Case Love
13.The Last Song


D/L: Sing Like Me

A new leaked Chris Brown track
titled "Sing Like Me" from his
upcoming album "Graffiti"


D/L: Telephone ft Beyonce

Here's the originally written
for Britney Spears track "Telephone"
After Britney's team rejected the song,
Gaga recorded it herself with guest
vocals of Beyonce.

Leaked "The Fame Monster" tracks till now:

- Bad Romance
- Alejandro
- Telephone ft Beyonce
- Dance In The Dark

D/L: Leaked The Fame Monster Tracks


maandag 9 november 2009

D/L: The Singles Collection (Album)

"The Singles Collection" is the second greatest hits
compilation from pop sensation Britney Spears.
It will be released on November 10, 2009 by Jive Records.
There will be three different editions available,
a standard version with seventeen tracks,
a standard version with a DVD containing her videos in
chronological order and a 30-disc deluxe box set.

01. 3
02. ...Baby One More Time
03. (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop! Remix)
04. Born To Make You Happy
05. Oops!... I Did It Again
06. Stronger
07. I'm A Slave 4 U
08. Boys (Feat. Pharrell Williams) (The Co-Ed Remix)
09. Me Against The Music (Feat. Madonna)
10. Toxic
11. Everytime
12. Gimme More
13. Piece Of Me
14. Womanizer
15. Circus
16. If U Seek Amy
17. Radar

D/L: The Singles Collection Deluxe I-Tunes Edition (Album)

01. ...Baby One More Time
02. Autumn Goodbye
03. Sometimes (Radio Edit)
04. I'm So Curious
05. (You Drive Me) Crazy [The Stop Remix!]
06. I'll Never Stop Loving You
07. Born to Make You Happy (Radio Edit)
08. Born to Make You Happy (Remix) [Bonus Track]
09. From the Bottom of My Broken Hear
10. Thinkin' About You
11. Oops!... I Did It Again
12. Deep In My Heart
13. Lucky
14. Heart
15. Stronger
16. Walk On By
17. Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know
18. Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know
19. I'm a Slave 4 U
20. Intimidated
21. Overprotected
22. Overprotected (The Darkchild Remix)
23. I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman
24. I Run Away
25. I Love Rock 'n' Roll
26. I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman (Metro Remix)
27. Boys (The Co-Ed Remix)
28. Boys
29. Me Against the Music (Video Mix) [feat. Madonna]
30. Me Against the Music (Passengerz vs. The Club)
31. Toxic
32. Toxic (Bloodshy & Avant's Intoxicated Remix)
33. Everytime
34. Everytime (Above & Beyond's Club Mix)
35. Outrageous
36. Outrageous (Junkie XL's Dancehall Mix)
37. My Prerogative
38. My Prerogative (Armand Van Helden
39. Do Somethin'
40. Do Somethin' (Thick Vocal Mix)
41. Someday (I Will Understand)
42. Mona Lisa
43. Gimme More
44. Gimme More (Paul Oakenfold Mix)
45. Piece of Me
46. Piece of Me (Bloodshy & Avant's Böz O lö Remix)
47. Break the Ice
48. Everybody
49. Womanizer
50. Womanizer (Kaskade Remix)
51. Circus
52. Circus (Tom Neville's Ringleader Remix)
53. If U Seek Amy
54. If U Seek Amy (Crookers Remix)
55. Radar
56. Radar (Bloodshy & Avant Remix)
57. 3
58. 3 (Groove Police Club Mix)


D/L: Kris Allen (Album)

2009 debut album from the American Idol Season 8 winner.
Kris Allen hails from a town of less than 60,000, but his
ability to captivate an audience of millions has
undoubtedly put him on the map.
As nearly 100 million votes were cast for the Season 8 finale,
Kris Allen quickly became a household name nationwide.

01. Live Like We're Dying
02. Before We Come Undone
03. Can't Stay Away
04. The Truth
05. Written All Over My Face
06. Bring It Back
07. Red Guitar
08. Is It Over
09. Let It Rain
10. Alright With Me
11. Lifetime
12. I Need To Know
13. Heartless


D/L: Waking Up (Album)

2009 album from the Grammy-nominated Pop outfit.
Best known for their 2008 hit "Apologize",
OneRepublic up the ante with "Waking Up",
an album that will surprise and delight longtime
fans and newcomers alike.

01. Made For You
02. All The Right Moves
03. Secrets
04. Everybody Loves Me
05. Missing Persons 1 & 2
06. Good Life
07. All This Time
08. Fear
09. Waking Up
10. Marchin On
11. Lullaby


zondag 8 november 2009

D/L: Petros 2.0 (Album)

As requested, here's the re-up of
Petros' debut album, including
his new single "Pin Up Boy"

01. Predator
02. Body Glow
03. Let Me In
04. V.I.P.
05. Keep Pretending (Apocalypse Mix)
06. Guilty (Girls & Boys)
07. Cover You
08. Put 'Em Up (Dance Off)
09. Shut Down
10. Utopia
11. Pin Up Boy


D/L: Dance In The Dark

Here is another one of the
new tracks Lady Gaga's releasing
on her upcoming new album
"The Fame Monster"


zaterdag 7 november 2009

D/L: Up To Now (Album)

Snow Patrol's latest release, "Up To Now," is a
greatest hits compilation from their first 15 years,
covering five studio albums.
The release includes their singles, rare releases,
album tracks, cover songs, and even a few new songs.

Disc 1.

01. Chocolate
02. Chasing Cars
03. Crack The Shutters
04. Set The Fire To The Third Bar (Ft. Martha Wainwright)
05. Crazy In Love
06. Just Say Yes
07. Batten Down The Hatch
08. You're All I Have
09. Hands Open
10. Cartwheels (The Reindeer Section)
11. The Planets Bend Between Us (2009 Version)
12. Ask Me How I Am
13. On/Off
14. Making Enemies
15. Run (Live at the Union

Disc 2.

01. Take Back The City
02. Shut Your Eyes
03. An Olive Grove Facing The Sea (2009 Version)
04. Run
05. Give Me Strength
06. Signal Fire
07. Spitting Games
08. Open Your Eyes
09. Dark Roman Wine
10. Fifteen Minutes Old
11. You Are My Joy (The Reindeer Section)
12. The Golden Floor
13. Starfighter Pilot
14. PPP
15. Chasing Cars (Live at the Union Chapel)


D/L: Hello Hurricane (Album)

"Hello Hurricane" is the Switchfoot's upcoming
seventh studio album , and the first of four albums
produced in the same sessions.
It was co-produced by the band and Mike Elizondo,
after initial test runs with producers such as
Ken Andrews and Charlie Peacock.

01. Needle and Haystack Life
02. Mess of Me
03. Your Love Is a Song
04. The Sound (John M. Perkins' Blues)
05. Enough to Let Me Go
06. Free
07. Hello Hurricane
08. Always
09. Bullet Soul
10. Yet
11. Sing It Out
12. Red Eyes


D/L: The Singles Collection Ultimix 2.0

Here's a remix of all Britney Spears'
singles from all over the years.
If you like Miss Spears a must have!


D/L: The Realest One

"The Realest One" is a newly
leaked Usher ballad.
It sounds like some of his
old stuff, so could be unreleased
and not new.


D/L: Shakin It For Daddy ft Nicki Minaj updated with HQ*

Here's a new Robin Thicke track.
It's titled "Shake It For Daddy" and
features Nicki Minaj.


D/L: Back Words

Here's another leaked Jojo!
And normally I don't care much
bout her up/midtempo tracks, but this
one... WOW :P


D/L: Get To You

Here's a new leaked track of
indie singer James Morrison
titled "Get To You."


D/L: Beautiful Lie ft Nick Carter updated with HQ*

Jennifer Paige is re-releasing her
last album "Best Kept Secret" and this
time with a new single ft Backstreet
Boy Nick Carter.


vrijdag 6 november 2009

D/L: JLS (Album)

The X-Factor sensations follow their chart-topping
single "Beat Again" with this debut album.
Their roguish good looks and cheeky nature (the name
stands for "Jack The Lad Swing")have seen them swooned
over by teenage girls across the nation and this set of
catchy pop tracks, infused with RnB and hip-hop,
looks set to catapult them to even greater levels of fame.

01. Beat Again
02. Everybody In Love
03. Keep You
04. Crazy For You
05. Heal This Heartbreak
06. Close To You
07. Only Tonight
08. One Shot
09. Private
10. Don't Go
11. Only Making Love
12. Kickstart
13. Tightrope


D/L: Echo (Album)

"Echo" is the follow up to Leona's six million
plus seller, four times Brit'nominated and three
times Grammy-nominated debut album "Spirit."
Leona's debut album "Spirit" entered the
UK album chart at number one and became
Britain's fastest-selling debut of all time
selling over 1 million copies
in the UK in its first 5 weeks.

1. Happy
2. I Got You
3. Can't Breathe
4. Brave
5. Outta My Head
6. My Hands
7. Love Letter
8. Broken
9. Naked
10.Stop Crying Your Heart Out
11.Don't Let Me Down (Featuring Justin Timberlake)
13.Lost Then Found (Featuring One Republic)

And here a little extra:

D/L: Let It Rain (Bonus Track)


donderdag 5 november 2009

D/L: Something In The Water

Another leaked Jojo track.
This time "Something In The Water"
Let's hope the leakes aren't album tracks,
cause there won't be much left for her
to release :)


zondag 1 november 2009

D/L: Like It Like That (Album)

Here's guy Sebastian's new album "Like It Like That"
It's is a collection of original songs influenced by
the experience of "The Memphis Album," and Guy's love
of classic Soul and R&B music.

01. Like It Like That
02. All To Myself
03. Art Of Love (ft Jordin Sparks)
04. Attention
05. Magic (ft Tarryn Stokes)
06. Bring Yourself
07. Never Hold You Down
08. Fail To Mention
09. Never Be You
10. Coming Home
11. Undo
12. Perfection


D/L: 3 (video edit)

Here's the video version
of Britney's new single "3"
that will be on her upcoming
album "The Singles Collection"


D/L: Blockin'
D/L: More

Here are 2 new leaked Usher tracks.
I hope this is not gonna be his new
album stuff, cause he really need
to bring it for a come-back.
And in my opinion the leaked tracks
till now haven't got "it"


D/L: One World One Love (Album)

As requested here's 80's singer
Michael Bolton's new album..

1. Ready For You
2. Just One Love
3. Need You To Fall
4. Hope It's Too Late
5. Can You Feel Me
6. The Best
7. Murder My Heart ft Lady Gaga
8. You Comfort Me
9. Sign Your Name
10. Invisible Tattoo
11. Survivor
12. Crazy Love


D/L: Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova)(tagged)

Here's Rihanna's second single
"Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova)
of her upcoming album "Rated R"
Just like "Russian Roulette" it sounds
very different, and makes me wanna hear
more and more new Rihanna stuff.