zondag 31 augustus 2008

D/L: Can't Believe It

Here's a new Jojo track titled "Can't Believe It"
It's gonna be on her upcomming new album, but I hope it's
not the first single, I really think the track is not "strong"
enough to be so..

What do u think?

D/L: Case

Here's a new Beyonce track titled "Case,"
I don't know if it's gonna be on her new
album, but I do know it's new, so..

Just njoy!

D/L: Return The Favor ft Timbaland

Here's another new Keri Hilson track
from her upcomming debut album "In A Perfect World"
featuring Timbaland & titled "Return The Favor"


zaterdag 30 augustus 2008

D/L: Under The Radar (Album)

After hitting the big time in 2005 with his
ubiquitous single 'Bad Day', Daniel Powter
returns with "Under The Radar", his third
full-length effort.
Produced by Linda Perry, this release is
something of a career-reinvention for Powter,
taking in a much more instrumentally diverse
palette than his previous adherence to piano-led pop.

1. Best Of Me
2. Not Coming Back
3. Whole World Around
4. Next Plane Home
5. Am I Still The One?
6. Negative Fashion
7. Don't Give Up
8. Fly Away
9. Beauty Queen
10. My So Called Life
11. Love You Lately
12. Bay Day (Live In France)


D/L: Tide Is High ft Pussycat Dolls
D/L: Tide Is High ft Rihanna

Here's a new Kardinal Offishall track titled
"The Tide Is High," but we got 2 versions of
the track.. The first one features the Pussycat Dolls
and the other (Album Version) features Rihanna!


vrijdag 29 augustus 2008

D/L: Do You Know (Album)

After the release of her 2006 pop album "A Public Affair",
Simpson repeatedly stated she wanted to go back
to her roots and do country music.
She wanted to do country music because she has been brought
up around country music, and wants to give something back
She started her country move by appearing in the
music video for 'You don't think I'm funny anymore',
by country legend Willie Nelson.
She then went to Nashville to start recording her album.
Her debut country single, "Come on Over"
was received with positive reviews!

01 Come On Over
02 Remember That
03 Pray Out Loud
04 You're My Sunday
05 Sipping On History
06 Still Beautiful
07 Still Don't Stop Me
08 When I Loved You Like That
09 Might As Well Be Making Love
10 Man Enough
11 Do You Know (With Dolly Parton)


D/L: What'Cha Think Bout That ft Missy Elliott

Here's the second single of the Pussycat Dolls'
upcomming album "Doll Dominition" titled
"What'Cha Think About That" and the track
features Missy Elliott..


dinsdag 26 augustus 2008

D/L: Grown Man ft Pussycat Dolls & Teddy Riley
D/L: Put It On My Tab ft Akon

It's happening!!! The New Kids On The Block tracks are
leaking!!! OMG.. I'm so excited! I want "Click Click Click"
in full HQ sooooo bad..
But first we have "Grown Man" & "Put It On My Tab"
They're still webrips, but I bet we'll have them
untagged real soon ;)


maandag 25 augustus 2008

D/L: One Kiss

Here's a new Christina Milian song..
She's working hard in the studio's on
her new album that will come out later this
year or begin next year..


D/L: The Lovers Are Losing (Radio Rip)

Here's a new leaked Keane track titled
"The Lovers Are Losing," and it's gonna
be on their upcomming album!
It's still a radio-rip but when a HQ
leaks I'll post it right away!


D/L: I Can Feel You

This is the first single from Anastacia`s
upcoming album which will be realeased in October..


D/L: Slow Dance

Here's a new Keri Hilson track that's
gonna be on her upcomming new album "A Perfect World"
It's titled "Slow Dance" and is a sexi slow jam..


zondag 24 augustus 2008

D/L: Sexy As Hell (Album)

The sexy German singer is back with a
brand new album!
The album was released August 22..

01. Sexy As Hell
02. Under My Skin (t.s.o.b. mix)
03. I Believe In You
04. i'll Kiss It Away
05. Play
06. Still Crazy In Love
07. Beautiful View
08. Touch
09. See You Later
10. Fall Apart
11. Act Like You
12. Your Love Is Dangerous


zaterdag 23 augustus 2008


Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige,
Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge have recorded
a new song in support of Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C),
a new initiative to raise money for accelerating
ground-breaking cancer research, according to a press release.
The charity single also features Rihanna, Fergie, Miley Cyrus,
Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield, Keyshia Cole, Ciara,
Leona Lewis, Leann Rimes and Carrie Underwood.

*I took the link down, cause we all should but it to stand up 4 cancer ;)*


D/L: Mic Check Feat. Akon

Here's a new track of Keri Hilson's upcomming
debut album "In A Perfect World," titled "Mic Check"


D/L: Don't Hurt Em ft Ying Yang Twins & Ghostwridah

Here's a new unreleased Usher track titled "Don't Hurt Em"
The track features the Ying Yang Twins & Ghostwridah..


dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

D/L: The Fame

On "The Fame," it’s as if Gaga took two parts Dance-Pop,
one part Electro-Pop, and one part Rock with a splash of
Disco and burlesque and generously poured it into the
figurative martini glasses of the world in an effort
to get everyone drunk with her Fame.
'The Fame is about how anyone can feel famous,' she explains.
'Pop culture is art. It doesn’t make you cool to hate pop culture,
so I embraced it and you hear it all over The Fame.
But, it’s a sharable fame. I want to invite you all to the party.
I want people to feel a part of this lifestyle.'

01. Just Dance
02. Love Game
03. Paparazzi
04. Beautiful Dirty Rich
05. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
06. Poker Face
07. The Fame
08. Money Honey
09. Again Again
10. Boys Boys Boys
11. Brown Eyes
12. Summerboy
13. I Like It Rough


maandag 18 augustus 2008

D/L: In The Way

Here's another beautiful Ne-Yo ballad..
I must confess.. the man can really write
beautiful songs..


D/L: Overdosin'

Here's a new leaked Heidi Montag track..
It's titled "Overdosin'" and she posted it recently
on her MySpace..


D/L: Poker Face

Here's a new hot Lady Gaga track that leaked..
It's not the best quality, but it sounds really cool!
It's titled "Poker Face"



D/L: Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams (Album)

Solange heads into a new musical direction with elements
of 'modern twist on hip-hop and R & b flecked with tinges
of blues and jazz' the album contains production by Cee-Lo Green,
Soulshock & Karlin, Polow da Don and Mark Ronson as well
as appurtenances by Q-Tip, Lil' Wayne, Estele and Bilal.
The CD was produced by The Neptunes.

1. God Given Name
2. T.O.N.Y.
3. Dancing in the Dark
4. Would've Been the One
5. Sandcastle Disco
6. I Decided
7. Valentine's Day
8. 6 O'Clock Blues
9. Ode to Marvin
10. I Told You So
11. Cosmic Journey
12. This Bird
13. I Decided, Pt. 2 [Freemasons Remix]
14. Champagnechroniknightcap


D/L: Still Standing (Featuring Ludacris)

Monica has selected "Still Standing" to serve
as the first single off of her forthcoming
sixth album, "Still Standing"


D/L: Right Here (Departed)

Here's Brandy's first single of her upcomming
new album titled "Right Here (Departed)"
The track is produced by Darkchild and it's a
nice summer jam ;)


D/L: Flying Solo (Final Destination) ft Dre

Here's the unreleased Chris Brown we all were
waitin for.. "Flying Solo,"
better known as "Final Destination"!
This is Chris @ his best! Love this track!
It features An"Dre" Merritt, and I really don't
get why it wasn't featured on his last CD


D/L: Thnk U 4 Lettin' Me B Mahself

Here's a new Brooke Hogan song she posted on
her MySpace titled "Thnk U 4 Lettin' Me B Mahself"
Here's the HQ cd rip of the song..


vrijdag 15 augustus 2008

D/L: Unexpected (Album)

Unexpected is the third solo studio album by
former Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams released in 2008.
It will be Williams' first full length contemporary R&B album,
moving away from the gospel style of her previous efforts.
The album's first single, "We Break the Dawn," was released
in April 2008, with its second single being "The Greatest",
chosen in favor over the Stargate-produced "Stop This Car."

01 Unexpected Intro
02 Hello Heartbreak
03 We Break The Dawn
04 Lucky Girl Interlude/Lucky Girl
05 The Greatest
06 Till The End Of The World
07 Private Party
08 Hungover
09 We Break The Dawn (Part 2 ft. Flo Rida)
10 Stop This Car
11 Unexpected
12 Thank U
13 Too Young For Love
14 Hello Heartbreak (Lost Daze Deep Inside Mix)
15 We Break The Dawn (Karmatronic Remix Radio Edit)



dinsdag 12 augustus 2008

D/L: Girlicious (Album)

Girlicious is a pop group formed by Robin Antin from
the reality TV show "Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious"
Before the premiere of the show, Girlicious had
already started recording their debut album and working on
music videos since the summer of 2007.
Here's their debut album selftitled "Girlicious"

01 Do About It
02 Baby Doll
03 Liar Liar (feat. Flo-Rida)
04 Save The World
05 Here I Am
06 Already Gone
07 I.O.U.1. (feat. Kardinal Offishall)
08 My Boo
09 Radio
10 Still In Love (feat. Sean Kingston)
11 It`s Mine
12 The Way We Were
13 Stupid Shit
14 Like Me


D/L: Glow In The Dark

Here's another leaked Chris Brown track
titled "Glow In The Dark," with all the
b-tracks that leaked he could've made
another album..
But we don't mind right?


D/L: Out Of This Club ft R Kelly

The Pussycat Dolls teamed up with R Kelly
for this track titled "Out Of This Club,"
that will be featured on their upcomming
album "Doll Domination"


D/L: Girls (Radio Rip)

The Sugababes are working on a new album,
and here's the first single titled "Girls"
It's still a radio-rip, but when the HQ
leaks I'll post it!


zaterdag 9 augustus 2008

D/L: Like A Star ft Sugababes & Busta Rhymes (HQ)

Here's Taio Cruz's new single "Like A Star" and
it's a remix featuring the Sugababes
and Busta Rhymes!


D/L: Dreamer

Here's a new song by
Chris Brown titled "Dreamer"
It's one of the songs recorded
for the Olympics!


donderdag 7 augustus 2008

D/L: Walk On It

Here's a new track of Ciara's
upcomming 3th album "Fantasy Ride"
The tracks titled "Walk On It" and
I think it's a really nice track!


D/L: My House

Here's a new leaked Cassie track
titled "My House," it's not one
of her strongest tracks in my opinion..
But maybe you think otherwise ;)


D/L: So What

Here's Pink's first single from
her upcomming new album with a release
date of October 28th..
Strong first single!


dinsdag 5 augustus 2008

D/L: Unexpected
D/L: Stop This Car (Album Version)

Here are 2 new Michelle Williams songs titled
"Unexpected," and "Stop This Car (Album Version)"
They will both appear on her upcomming album
"Unexpected," just like the other leaked songs


D/L: Spiralling

Here's the first single from Keane's
upcoming third album "Perfect Symmetry"
which will be released October 13th,
and is titled "Spiralling"
You can download the song for free
their website @ Keanemusic.com


D/L: It's Yours

Here's a new leaked unreleased Danity Kane
track titled "It's Yours" and it's a shame
it wasn't on their latest album "Welcome To The Dollhouse"
Because this track is fierce!


zaterdag 2 augustus 2008

D/L: Crush

Here's American Idol contestant
David Archuletta's debut single
titled "Crush"
I think it's an amazing song!


D/L: Long Gone ft Timbaland

Chris was the lead singer and songwriter of rockband
Soundgarden, and later Audioslave..
His upcomming 3th solo album "Scream" is set for release
in September and is to be produced by Timbaland..
Here's the first single of that album titled "Long Gone"