donderdag 31 juli 2008

D/L: Single ft Ne-Yo

New Kids On The Block & Ne-Yo have teamed up
4 a new track titled "Single"
The song, which will appear on NKOTB’s
September 2 album "The Block,"
debuts on iTunes August 12..


D/L: Britney

Christian singer Bebo Norman wrote this song called "Britney".
It's about Britney Spears and how society has
taken her and we loved her but then when she
does something wrong, we drop her like a rock..
Love the lyrics & the song!!


woensdag 30 juli 2008

D/L: The Man Who Can't Be Moved

"The Man That Can't Be Moved" is the second
single from Irish band The Script
And I think the best song of them I heared till now!


D/L: Lions, Tigers & Bears

Here's a new song of singer Jazmine Sullivan..
She's not really well known at the moment, but
I'm sure she will with her Lauryn Hill
type a music!


D/L: Just A Rolling Stone (Album)

The Making the Band franchise rolls on with the introduction of Donnie Klang. Following the hit-making paths of Danity Kane and
Day26, who enjoyed back-to-back #1 debuts on the Billboard
200, Donnie is poised to be Making the Band' s next superstar.
Donnie s journey began on the first season of Making the Band 4
where Bad Boy CEO Sean P. Diddy Combs awarded him a surprise
solo contract based on incredible fan support that named him
the viewer favorite. Making the Band 4' s second season
chronicled the making of his debut album and growth as an artist..

1. Intro
2. Take You There ft P Diddy
3. Dr. Love
4. Hurt That Body
5. Hollywood Girl
6. Pick It Up
7. Pretty Girls Cry
8. Catch My Breathe
9. Bedroom (Interlude)
10. Not a Love Song
11. Which One
12. Love in Stereo
13. Just a Rolling Stone
14. You're My Idol
15. Pain (Interlude)
16. Rain


dinsdag 29 juli 2008

D/L: Tonight

Here's a new track of the Jonas Brothers'
new upcomming album "A Little Bit Longer"
The songs titled "Tonight" and is
released on i-tunes


D/L: Crazy

Here's a new leaked Donnie Klang track
titled "Crazy," I think the whole album
leaked by now...And this is a unreleased track!


D/L: What Am I Gonna Do

Here's a new song from girlband "The Saturdays"
It's titled "What Am I Gonna Do"


D/L: Oxygen
D/L: Think About It

Here are the 2 Jesse McCartney bonustracks
that were on the JP release of his latest
album "Departure" that i posted before,
but now in HQ..


D/L: The Champion In Me

Here's a new 3 Doors Down
song titled "The Champion In Me"
supporting Team USA at this years
Olympic Games..


zondag 27 juli 2008

D/L: You Can Never Go Back (snippet)
D/L: Things That You Say (Snippet)

Here are 2 new snippets of songs that will be
on Jon McLaughlin's upcomming album "OK Now"
I ripped them from his official Myspace
Hope to get the full versions soon!
Love them!!

Tell me what you think

zaterdag 26 juli 2008

D/L: Rain

Lindsay Lohan's rumoured ex-lover Jeremy Greene,
is a producer/songwriter/singer..
Here's is new single titled "Rain"


D/L: Lucky Girl ft Rico Love

Here's another leaked Michelle Williams track "Lucky Girl"
and it features Rico Love
Just like the other leaks I love it!
With all the leaked tracks there's isn't much
for the album let right?



D/L: I Know What Boys Like ft Anna Farris

Here's a new Katherine McPhee song of
a new movie (The House Bunny) she stars in..
It's titled "I Know What Boys Like" and I think
I hear Anna Farris, who also stars in the movie
sing some parts..


D/L: Like I Never Left ft Akon

Here it finally is..
"The Voice" Whitney Houston her come back single,
produced and featuring Akon..
It's titled "Like I Never Left" and I it's
really like.. she never left!



vrijdag 25 juli 2008

D/L: When I Grow Up (Darkchild Remix)

Here's a official Darkchild remix of The Pussycat Dolls'
"When I Grow up" featuring Fatman,P Diddy & Lil Wayne ..
They use a sample of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"


D/L: Are You Up For This (Promo CDS)

Here's the promo CDS of Craig David's "Are You Up For This?"
It's the original & the Witty Boy Remix..


D/L: She'll Never Be Me

Here's finally the HQ FULL version of
a unreleased Britney track "She'll Never Be Me"
This is not the looped but the real deal!


donderdag 24 juli 2008

D/L: At The Time
D/L: One Hand

Here are 2 new unreleased Usher tracks..
They're titled "At The Time" & "One Hand,"
I think they're ok, but nothin special


D/L: Strobe Light
D/L: Rush Love ft Flo Rida (remix)

Here are 2 new demo's of Danity Kane
member Dawn Richards..
They sound pretty good, but I think
she should stay with Danity Kane and
not start a solo career cause most of
the time that doesn't work (Nicole Scherzinger)


D/L: Happily Never After (Promo CDS)

Here's Nicole Scherzinger's Promo CDS of
her song "Happily Never After" that was sent
to tv stations (as used in "Gossip Girl")
It's the main version and the instrumental
of the song ..


woensdag 23 juli 2008

D/L: Smack Into You

Here's a new track from Jon McLaughlin's upcoming album "OK Now"
titled "Smack Into You", the track is written and
produced by Tricky & The-Dream.
For more Jon news visit: Ultimate JonMclaughlin

D/L: All leaked "The Fame" tracks
*updated with new link & "Shake Ur Kitty"*

Stefani Germanotta better known by her stage name Lady GaGa,
is a dance-pop and electronica musician signed to Interscope Records.
On April 8, 2008, she released her first single "Just Dance" ft Colby O'Donis
"The Fame" will be her debut album, and here are all the
tracks that leaked so far..

-Again Again
-Beautiful Dirty Rich
-Boys Boys Boys
-Dirty Ice Cream
-Disco Heaven
-Just Dance (Ft. Colby O'Donis)
-Love Games
-Rock Show
-Shake Ur Kitty


dinsdag 22 juli 2008

D/L: All HQ Leaked "Just A Rolling Stone" tracks
D/L: Love In Stereo

"Just A Rolling Stone" is the forthcoming debut album by Donnie Klang,
and it is scheduled to be released on September 2th, 2008,
as confirmed by Donnie and Diddy's MySpace pages.
The first single from the album, "Take You There",
was released on March 23, 2008 and peaked at
number eighty-three on the Billboard Pop 100 chart
and the video was recently shot and will be premiering soon..
Here are all the leaked HQ tracks till now!

- Defensive
- Dr Love
- Favorite Girl
- Hurt That Body
- My Idol
- Not A Love Song
- Pick It Up
- Pretty Girls Cry
- Rolling Stone
- Satisfied
- Take You There
- The Rain
- Which One


D/L: Breakin Up

And another Ne-Yo song leaked earlier..
"Breakin Up".. Now I don't know if it's gonna be
on the new album "Year Of The Gentleman," or if the
leaks are just left overs that they don't use on
the album...


maandag 21 juli 2008

D/L: Side Step

Robin Thicke is going to release his third studio
album "Something Else" on September 9th, and here
is his official second songle of the album "Side Step"


D/L: Ready 4 Love
D/L: Diagnosed With Love

Here are 2 other unreleased/new tracks
of Chris Brown..
They're titled "Ready 4 Love" & "Diagnosed With Love"
and are 2 beautiful ballads..


zaterdag 19 juli 2008

D/L: High Price ft Ludacris

Here's finally the full version of Ciara's
"High Price" featuring Ludacris..
It's still a HQ radio-rip cause you
can still here a DJ at times..


D/L: Electric Guitar

Here's a new Chris Brown track "Electric Guitar,"
and it's very "Forever"-like..
I like the new path he is going with his music!


D/L: Miss Independent

Here's a new Ne-Yo track, titled "Miss Independent,"
and it's going to be his second single..
I love the track.. what do u think?


donderdag 17 juli 2008

D/L: Last Goodbye

Here's a new track of a boyband
named Avenue, never heared of them really,
but here's their new single "Last Goodbye"


D/L: Calling You

Here's a new Kat Deluna song titled "Calling You"
It will be on her second album !
This sounds a whole lot better then her previous work!
Nice summer jam!


D/L: Over It

Here's a new Cassie track, "Over It"
It sounds realy good..
Hope the album leaks soon!


dinsdag 15 juli 2008

D/L: Pushin' Me Away

Here's a I-tunes rip of "Pushin' Me Away,"
a new Jonas Brothers song..


D/L: Bad Boy
D/L: Turn Tha Beat Up
D/L: Candyland

It's been a while since Samantha Mumba
released new music, but here are 3 brand
new songs from the singer/actress..
And I'm liking the new stuff!
They're titles "Bad Boy," "Candyland" & "Turn Tha Beat Up"


D/L: Wake Up Call

Here's a radio rip of
a new song by our favorite "Heroes"
girl Hayden Panettiere
It's titled "Wake Up Call" and sounds
a lot like Paris Hilton's "Stars Are Blind"

*update: Here's the HQ version of the song
D/L: Wake Up Call HQ*


zondag 13 juli 2008

D/L: Bad Bad Day (Demo)
D/L: Can't Help It (Demo)

Here are 2 new leaked Pink demo's
Pink is working on a new album
that will be in stores later this year
or begin next year!


D/L: Now Or Never HQ

I posted the radio rip of HSM3's
"Now Or Never" yesterday ..
But now we have a HQ version of the song
And it sounds def good!!



Hey guys..
I started a new blog..
A Jon McLauhglin fan blog.. UltimateJonMcLaughlin
I think this artist is very underrated, and
most of all freakin hot :P and there are no
fansites at all

But I will keep updating POP-ular, cause
that was my first and favourite blog..
So don't be afraid ;)

If there are other Jon McLaughlin fans who
want to help me with the new Jon blog..
Contact me and maybe we can be partners..

Njoy POP-ular en visit UltimateJonMcLaughlin
once in a while..

Greetz Low-D

zaterdag 12 juli 2008

D/L: Apologize (Live)
D/L: Stop And Stare (Live)

Jesse McCartney and Ryan Tedder from One Republic
singing "Apologize" and "Stop And Stare" at the
2008 KISS BFD (Big Freakin Deal) show held at
Marymoore Park in Redmond, Washington on Saturday, June 28th.
Ryan Tedder from One Republic broke his akelese tendon and
also lost most of his voice so Jesse came on stage
to help him out..


D/L: Rain (Live)

Here's a new Mika song titled "Rain"
he did at one of his concerts, from
his new upcomming album..


D/L: Now Or Never (Radio Rip)

Radio Disney premiered the song "Now or Never"
from High School Musical 3 last Friday..
And tnx 2 Jonwire we have a rip ..


vrijdag 11 juli 2008

D/L: I Will Be There With You (Final Version)

Here's the final version of Katherine McPhee's
airline commercial song..
I posted a MQ version earlier as "All I Need Is You"..


donderdag 10 juli 2008

D/L: One More Drink

"One More Drink" is another leaked Heidi
track, and I like her tracks more and more..
The girl can't sing but makes good music!


D/L: Untitled

Nas is back and more controversial than ever on his new
untitled Def Jam release.
On this, his 9th studio album,
Nas studies and lyrically dissects some of the our most
divisive issues: race, inequality, poverty, and power...

1. Queens Get The Money
2. You Can't Stop Us Now (feat. Eban Thomas Of The Stylistics And The Last Poets)
3. Breathe
4. Make The World Go Round (feat. Chris Brown And The Game)
5. Hero (feat. Keri Hilson)
6. America
7. Sly Fox
8. Testify
9. N.I.*.*.E.R. (The Slave And The Master)
10. Untitled
11. Fried Chicken (feat. Busta Rhymes)
12. Project Roach (feat. The Last Poets)
13. Y'all My Ni**as
14. We're Not Alone (feat. Mykel)
15. Black President


woensdag 9 juli 2008

D/L: All The Way Around

Lindsay Lohan has a little sister,
The 14 year old Ali..
And this is her debut single
titled "All The Way Around"
I really like the song...


D/L: Long Night ft Usher

"Long Night" is a collaboration between Nelly
and Usher and is produced by Usher ’s brother J. Lack
It will be in Nelly’s upcoming cd "Brass Knuckles"


D/L: Broken (Radio Edit)

Yesterday Geffen Records released on iTunes
the new single from Lifehouse, it's titled "Broken"
and is taken from the album "Who We Are,"
but a totally different mix as the album version..


D/L: Goddamned

Jay Brannan is a youtube artist
that I posted a video from a while
He's really talented, so I'm glad to see
that he has got his record deal after all

1. Can't Have It All
2. Half-Boyfriend
3. American Idol
4. A Death Waltz
5. At First Sight
6. Housewife
7. goddamned
8. Home
9. Bowlegged & Starving
10. On All Fours
11. String-a-long Song


D/L: Heal

"Heal" is a bonus track of Kerli's
debut album "Love Is Dead" that i posted