maandag 31 maart 2008

D/L: I Don't Do Surprises

The Brand new song "I Don't Do Surprises"
from Axle Whitehead from
his new album "Losing Sleep"


D/L: Leavin (Acoustic)

Here's a live acoustic version
of Jesse McCartney's new single
"Leavin," and I must say that the
guy sings pretty good!


D/L: 4 Minutes To Save The World (JUNKIE XL Remix)

Here's the official JUNKIE XL remix
of Madonna's new hit "4 Minutes To Save The World"
featuring Justin Timberlake & Timbaland!


D/L: We Break The Dawn

Ex Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams
will be releasing her new
album "Unexpected" this summer!
The album includes her brand new
single "We Break The Dawn," which premiered
today on PEOPLE.COM!


zondag 30 maart 2008

D/L: Misses Glass

UK singer and songwriter Leona Lewis will
release her debut album, "Spirit,"
in the USA on April 8, 2008.
The album will feature a few other tracks
then the UK edition,
and here's one of them, "Misses Glass"


zaterdag 29 maart 2008

D/L: Famous
D/L: Say What You Wanna Say

Most of you will know her of the smash-hit
"Yeah Yeah," of Bodyrox wich she featured on!
She also worked with other artist like Taio Cruz..
This time 2 Luciana tracks !


vrijdag 28 maart 2008

D/L: Ain't I

I really don't know if this is a
leaked track off Jay-Z's upcomming
album "Blueprint 3," or just a previously
unreleased track, but I do know
that it's produced by Timbaland!


D/L: Unfold

Marie Digby is set to release her debut album
"Unfold" on Hollywood Records on April 8th..
From YOUTUBE-star to real star?
I deff love her voice!

1. Fool
2. Better Off Alone
3. Say It Again
4. Miss Invisible
5. Stupid For You
6. Girlfriend
7. Traffic
8. Voice On The Radio
9. Spell
10. Beauty In Walking Away
11. Unfold
12. Umbrella


D/L: Last Night (ALBUM)

Moby will release his sixth studio album last night
on 12th May (uk) & 1st April (usa) 2008.
The album was recorded in Moby's home studio in Manhattan
NY and features a number of guest vocalists and includes
the original 70's MC grandmaster Caz one of the writers
of rappers delight, sylvia from kudu, the uk's
aynzli jones plus Smokey and SO Simple
from the nigerian 419 squad.

01. Ooh Yeah
02. I Love To Move In Here
04. Everyday It's 1989
05. Live For Tomorrow
06. Alice
07. Hyenas
08. I'm In Love
09. Disco Lies
10. The Stars
11. Degenerates
12. Sweet Apocalypse
13. Mothers Of The Night


D/L: Marching

Here's a brand new Paula DeAnda track!
With a new album in sight I think this would
be a pretty good first single!

What do u think?

D/L: MP3 Bonus Tracks

Here are 2 Matt Pokora bonus track of
his latest album "MP3"
They are "I Loved You," the English
version of "Quitte A Me Jouer"
and "Through The Eyes," the
English version of "Sur Ma Route"


donderdag 27 maart 2008

D/L: Beautiful Nitemare

Here's a new leaked Beyonce demo,
named "Beautiful Nitemare,"
And listening to this track, I guess
the rumors of a new Timbaland produced
dance album R true!
Lovin it!! *updated with a HQ*


woensdag 26 maart 2008

D/L: Viva Glamorous ft Poet Name Life

They did a remix of Ferg's single "Glamorous"
featuring Poet Name Life, 4 the MAC
Cosmetics line which she is a
spokesperson for ..


D/L: Lost Your Mind

Here's another new artist Jayms Madison..
a singer from the New York City area.
Listen to her track "Lost Your Mind"


D/L: Water

Here's a new song by singer
Stefani Vara named "Water"
Never heard of her,
but I love this new track!


D/L: Get The Feeling

I allready posted a track of this
new group named "The D.E.Y." a few
days ago, and here's another track of them!


D/L: Feedback Remix

Here's a official remix of Janet Jackson's
hit "Feedback" featuring Ciara, Busta Rhymes & Fabolous..
I think it's really cool!


D/L: Honey

Here's a new Brandy track called "Honey"
that leaked recently..
Nice track but no hit-potential..
Brandy has to come with something better
than this to make a come back!

What do u think?

D/L: Just Should've Told You

P Diddy's new boyband DAY26 just
released their debut album "DAY26"
Here's a bonustrack of that
album named "Just Should've Told You"
Nice slow jam ;)


dinsdag 25 maart 2008

D/L: No More

Here's a new leaked Heidi Montag song,
"No More," and to be honest,
I think it doesn't really sound that bad..


D/L: Thirsty

Here's a new leaked Cassie track named "Thirsty"
All the new Cassie stuff that leaked till now,
sound a whole lot better then her previous stuff!

What do u think?

maandag 24 maart 2008

D/L: Myself ft Justin Boykin

Here's a new unreleased Leona Lewis
track featuring Justin Boykin,
named "Myself"... It sounds great!


D/L: No Looking Back

Rappers Divine and Yeyo and singer Elan
make up the New York-based Latin urban
trio The D.E.Y. The group made its debut
in 2007 with the single "Give You the World,"
Here's a new song "No Looking Back,"
a nostalgic, bittersweet ballad..


D/L: Heartbreaker ft. Cheryl Tweedy

New track from Will.I.Am featuring
Cheryl Tweedy from Girls Aloud
"Heartbreaker" will be featured on
ITV's "The Passions of Girls Aloud"


zondag 23 maart 2008

D/L: Take You There ft P. Diddy

Here's the brand new single of the
boy who went solo of "Making The Band 4"
Donnie J is gonna make a big hit with this single!!
P Diddy is also featured on the track


D/L: The Singles Collection

Because there's not much to post..
Here's a little Gwen Stefani treat

01. What you waiting for
02. Rich Girl (Ft. Eve)
03. Hollaback girl
04. Cool
05. Luxurious
06. Crash
07. Wind It Up
08. The Sweet Escape (Ft. Akon)
09. 4 In The Morning
10. Now That You Got It (Ft. Damien Marley)
11. Can I Have It Like That (Ft. Pharrell)
12. Let Me Blow Your Mind (Ft. Eve)
13. South Side (Ft. Moby)
14. Yummy (Ft. Pharrell)
15. Harajuku Girls
16. Serious
17. Early winter


D/L: Take A Bow (Radio-Edit)

I posted this before, but here the
radio-edit HQ version of Rihanna's
"Take A Bow" for the people who didn't
got it in hq yet...


D/L: Strip Tease

This is gonna be the second single
of Danity Kane's new album
"Welcome To The Dollhouse", I think
it's a great choice!

What do u think?

D/L: Ray Of Light (Junkie XL 2008 Remix)

Here's a new Junkie XL remix they
did of Madonna's hit "Ray Of Light"

Sounds pretty clubby ;)

D/L: We Love (To Entertain You)

Here's a new song of the German
girlband Monrose named "We Love (To Entertain You)"
They recorded it for some german tv show..


D/L: Live With Me ft. Christina Aguilera

Martin Scorsese and the Rolling Stones unite
in "Shine A Light," a look at The Rolling Stones."
Scorcese filmed the Stones over a two-day period at the
intimate Beacon Theater in New York City in fall 2006.
Cinematographers capture the raw energy of the legendary band
Here's the HQ live performance of "Live With Me"
featuring Christina Aguilera


donderdag 20 maart 2008


French singer Matt Pokora will release
his new album on March 25 ..
Besides the Timbaland produced single "Dangerous"
I think the album is pretty lame, but honestly..
who cares... did u look at the guy :P

01 Dangerous ft Timbaland
02 Catch Me If You Can
03 Don't Give My Love Away ft Ryan Leslie
04 No Me Without You
05 Treason
06 Internationalude
07 Tokyo Girl
08 They Talk Sh#t About Me ft Verbz
09 Quitte à Me Jouer ft Kore
10 Forbidden Love
11 Climax
12 Why Do You Cry
13 Like A Criminal
14 Sur Ma Route


woensdag 19 maart 2008

D/L: Who's That Girl (Rex The Dog Remix)

Here's A remix of Robyn's track "Who's That Girl"
I'm not a real big fan of remixes, but must say
that this remix rocks!!


D/L: Ms. Kelly: Diva Deluxe

Music World/Columbia Records will release a
digital-only album by Kelly Rowland on March 25.
The seven-song "Ms. Kelly: Diva Deluxe" sports
five new tracks plus remixes of two Rowland co-compositions,
"Daylight" (Karmatronics Remix) and
"Like This" featuring Eve (Redline Remix)

1. Daylight (ft. Travis McCoy)
2. Broken
3. Daylight (Karmatronic Club Mix)
4. Like This (Redline Radio Remix)
5. Love Again
6. Unity
7. No Man No Cry


D/L: Break The Ice Feat Fabolous

Here's a new OFFICIAL remix of
the new Britney Spears track "Break The Ice"
featuring Fabolous!
Can you imagine what a hot video it could
have been if it wasn't animated!!



Here's a webrip of the "Making The Band 4"
boys'debut album!

01. I'm The Reason
02. Got Me Going
03. In My Bed
04. Silly Love
05. Come With Me
06. Co-Star
07. Come In
08. Are We In This Together
09. What It Feels Like
10. Since You've Been Gone
11. If It Wasn't For You
12. Don't Fight This Feeling
13. Ain't Going (ft. DK And Donnie)
14. Exclusive (No Excuses)


D/L: Unify

Here's a new leaked Wynter Gordon Track
named "Unify", which is taken from the
new 'Meet The Browns' movie ..


D/L: Party People ft Fergie

Here's Nelly's new single
feat Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie!
I think this is going to be a real club banger!

What Do U Think?

dinsdag 18 maart 2008

D/L: Make Me Sick

Here's a new bonustrack of Danity Kane's new
album "Welcome To The Dollhouse" named "Make Me Sick"
You can only get the bonus track @ Target ..


D/L: Got The Hots

Here's a new Michael Jackson track, "Got The Hots"
that is only featured on the Japanese version
of the "Thriller 25th Anniversary" cd ..


maandag 17 maart 2008

D/L: Miles Away (Snipped)

Madonna has premiered "Miles Away" from her
"Hard Candy" album on Japanise TV.
Madonna recorded a message to a Japanise actor,
who cooked for her on television two years ago.
"I wanna wish you a lot of success on your new
television show and I'm very happy that you are
using my new song 'Miles Away'! Good Luck!"


D/L: 4 Minutes To Save The World (Radio Edit)
D/L: 4 Minutes To Save The World (Album Version)

Finally Madonna in HQ!
And not only the radio version,
but also the album version!
I'm so in love with this track!!!

Enjoy!! *new links!*

zondag 16 maart 2008

D/L: Hoxton Heroes

Here's a new Girls Aloud B-track
that is featured on the
"Can't Speak French" CDM


D/L: Hot 'N Cold

Here's a new track of the "You're So Gay"
singer Katy Perry ..
"Hot 'N Cold" is a fun pop song, but nothing
special ..


D/L: Migrate (Live @ SNL)

Mariah Carey was on SNL and
did not only perform her new single "Touch My Body"
on the show, but also a new track of her
upcomming album, named "Migrate"
You can download the track here!


D/L: Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings (ALBUM)

It's a Counting Crows album.
They're back.
They were only ever as far gone as you can go !

1. 1492
2. Hanging Tree
3. Los Angeles
4. Sundays
5. Insignificant
6. Cowboys
7. Washington Square
8. On Almost Any Sunday Morning
9. When I Dream Of Michelangelo
10.Anyone But You
11.You Cant Count On Me
12.Le Ballet Dor
13.On A Tuesday In Amsterdam Long Ago
14.Come Around


D/L: Aliens & Rainbows (ALBUM)

"I think "Aliens and Rainbows" is about that other place
you go to in your mind when you just want to escape.
When the world you live in isn't fun anymore and lets you down"

That's what Ferras has to say about his new album..
You can download it here!!

01. Liberation Day
02. Aliens & Rainbows
03. Something About You
04. Hollywood's Not America
05. Everybody Bleeds The Same
06. Rush
07. My Beautiful Lie
08. Soul Rock
09. Blame, Blame, Blame
10. Dear God
11. Don't Give Up
12. Take My Lips


vrijdag 14 maart 2008

D/L: 11 (ALBUM)

"11" is the appropriately named eleventh studio album
from 'the groover from Vancouver', Bryan Adams.
A selection of pop-rock classics-in-the-making and
swoonsome ballads, this album has everything you'd expect
from a Bryan Adams record and more.
Includes the single "I Thought I'd Seen Everything".

01. Tonight We Have The Stars
02. I Thought Id Seen Everything
03. I Aint Losin The Fight
04. Oxygen
05. We Found What We Were Looking For
06. Broken Wings
07. Somethin To Believe In
08. Mysterious Ways
09. Shes Got A Way
10. Flower Grown Wild
11. Walk On By


D/L: I'm The Reason

A new Day26 track has leaked..
I think that their album is gonna
leak soon!


D/L: Take A Bow

There's gonna be a re-release of Rihanna's
latest album "Good Girl Gone Bad"
And this is going to be the first single of the


*ps.. is it just me, or do I hear Beyonce in the backup vocals??*