dinsdag 30 december 2008

D/L: Top Of The World

Here's a new Pussycat Dolls track that
the Dolls recorded for MTV's "The City"
And this time you can also hear two
other Dolls sing..


zaterdag 27 december 2008

D/L: Better Today

Here's new leaked Ne-To track nr 500??
The demo's keep on leaking :)
But just like most of the other leaked,
"Better Today" is a real Ne-Yo masterpiece!


D/L: Falling In Love Again (LQ)

Here's a new Christina Aguilera song
that is featured in the new motion
picture "The Spirit" titled "Falling
In Love Again," I honestly don't know
why she didn't use this track on her
greatest hits album,
cause it's really good!


D/L: One Thing
D/L: Keyed

Here are 2 new leaked Brandy tracks..
They're titled "One Thing" and "Keyed"
and I think that they are leftovers
from her latest album "Human"


woensdag 24 december 2008


Hey guys ..
Sorry for the lack of updates,
but I'm sooo bussy working and
stuff for the past days!

Will be back & better!!

For now, happy hollydays all of u!

Grtz Low-D

zaterdag 20 december 2008

D/L: 4 New Prince Tracks

Here are 4 new recently leaked
Prince tracks titled "4ever,"
"Colonized Mind," "Crimson & Clover"
and "War Of Berlin"


D/L: 2 Official Circus Remixes

As a request here are 2 official Britney
Spears' "Circus" remixes ..
They're the Junior Vasquez Mix Edit and
the Dj Levan Mix ...


woensdag 17 december 2008

D/L: Freakin' You ft Busta Rhymes & Missy Elliott

Here's a new Ne-Yo track featuring Missy & Busta
titled "Freakin' You"
The track's produced by Danja and is in MQ,
I'll repost it when a HQ leaks!


D/L: She Knows ft Taio Cruz

Here's a new R Kelly track
titled "She Knows"
The track's produced by and it
features Taio Cruz!


D/L: Rattla
D/L: Keep Dancing ft The Dream

Here is one new and one allready posted
Ciara track, the new one's titled "Rattla,"
and the other one is one of my favorite leaked
Ciara tracks that I allready posted but was
tagged .. "Keep Dancing" featuring The Dream


D/L: What Can I Say
D/L: Clap Your Hands

Here are 2 leaked unreleased Janet
Jackson tracks that were probably recorded
buring the "Damita Jo" era ..
They're titled "What Can I Say" & "Clap Your Hands"


D/L: If I ft T.I.

Here's a new leaked Justin Timberlake
track that leaked, titled "If I" and
it features T.I.
Honestly don't know if this is old
unreleased or for a upcomming project..
But I do know this is funky and hott!


dinsdag 16 december 2008

D/L: Gimme More (Piano Version)

Okay, some people asked for something new
from me LOL ... yaaay!!
So I recorded Britney's "Gimme More"..
With a cheap ass mic, so...
Please be kind with the comments ;)


Here's the "making of" the video of
"Circus," Britney Spears' new single..


And "The Comeback" continues ..
Here are 2 JP performances of Britney's
hitsingle "Womanizer"

Hey! Hey! Hey! :



zondag 14 december 2008

D/L: POP-ular X-mas (Album)

Okay u guys, it's the time of the year..
Cold outside and maybe snow where you live, so..
Time for Christmas songs right?
So I made a compilation album of new 2008 Christmas
songs and some "older" Christmas POP tunes..
Hope you like it!

01 Varsity Fanclub - It's Christmas Again
02 Lady Gaga - Christmas Tree
03 Destiny's Child - 8 day's Of Christmas
04 Pussycat Dolls - Santa Baby
05 Danity Kane - Home For Christmas
06 Britney Spears - Santa, That's My Only Wish This Year
07 Jessica Simpson - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
08 Nsync - Merry Christmas, Happy Hollidays
09 Gia Farrell - Christmas Everyday
10 Mariah Carey - Christmas
11 Elliott Yamin - This Christmas
12 Goldfrapp - Winter Wonderland
13 Mandy Moore - Little Drummer Boy
14 Ne-Yo - Home
15 Aly & AJ - Let It Snow
16 Backstreet Boys - Christmas Time
17 Colbie Caillat - Mistletoe
18 Jack Johnson - Someday At Christmas
19 Ashley Tisdale - Last Christmas
20 The Fray - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
21 Coldplay - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
22 Beyonce - Ave Maria
23 Keyshia Cole - have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
24 Leon Jackson - When You Believe
25 Kelly Clarkson - My Grown Up Christmas List
26 Katharine McPhee - O Come All Ye Faithful
27 Alexandra Burke - Hallelujah
28 Delta Goodrem - Do You Hear What I Hear
29 Jordin Sparks - Ill Be Home For Christmas
30 Katy Perry - White Christmas
31 Maroon 5 - Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Bonus)


zaterdag 13 december 2008

D/L: She Can't Love You

Here's a unreleased track of Diddy's
girlband Danity Kane titled "She Can't Love You"
There are still 3 members left, hope they
will last, cause I love their music!


donderdag 11 december 2008

D/L: Give It

Here's a new Wynter Gordon track
that leaked over the internet!
I must say I liked the tracks before,
but this one is also really good!

Give it a try ;)

D/L: A Different Me (Album)

"A Different Me" is the third studio album
by R&B singer and songwriter Keyshia Cole.
Besides the release of a 2008 album, the new
season of her BET reality show, touring and
personal appearances, Keyshia is gearing up
for the production of a movie based on her life.
The lead single off the album, "Playa Cardz Right"
featuring Tupac, originally appeared on Tupac's
"Pac's Life," and this version was rearranged by
the hugely successful Grammy nominated Cole with
producers Ron Fair plus Carvin and Ivan.

01. A Different Me (Intro)
02. Make Me Over
03. Please Don’t Stop
04. Erotic
05. You Complete Me
06. No Other featuring Amina Harris
07. Oh-Oh. Yeah-Yeah featuring Nas
08. Playa Cardz Right featuring 2pac
09. Brand New
10. Trust featuring Monica
11. Thought You Should Know
12. This Is Us
13. Where This Love Could End Up
14. Beautiful Music
15. A Different Me (Outro)
16. Heaven Sent (Pop Remix)


D/L: Girlicious Deluxe Edition Tracks

Girlicious released a Deluxe Edition of
their self titled debut album, and here
are the extra tracks !

15. Caught
16. Don't Turn Back (Feat. Colby O'Donis)
17. Mirror
18. Baby Doll (Dave Aude Club Mix)
19. Like Me (Dave Aude Club Mix)
20. Stupid Shit (Dave Aude Club Mix)


woensdag 10 december 2008

D/L: V.I.P. (Album)

There were lots of requests for Petros'
first album "V.I.P."
So I asked him, and he send me this version,
incl the clubbanger "Predator"
Guess he didn't like some tracks after all
so he replaced them for others!

01 Predator
02 Body Glow
03 Let Me In
04 V.I.P.
05 Keep Pretending (Apocalypse Mix)
06 Guilty (Girls & Boys)
07 Cover You
08 Put 'Em Up (Dance Off)
09 Shut Down
10 Utopia


D/L: Sugar & Spice (Album)

Mya has now signed with a label called
Manhattan Records & released her
debut album for them entitled "Sugar & Spice"
on December 3rd only in Japan.
"Sugar & Spice" will be preceded by
the first single "Paradise"

01 Must Be The Music
02 Paradise
03 Sold On Your Love
04 One For You
05 Almost Naked
06 Cry No More
07 Ego Trippin
08 Lets Go To War (Introducing Faith Boogie)
09 All In Your Mind
10 Shy Guy
11 Money Cant Buy My Love
12 Back To Disco
13 Fallen Part 2 (Feat. Tre)
14 Paradise Remix (Feat. Sean Paul)


maandag 8 december 2008

D/L: Guilty (Girls & Boys)

Here's another previously released
Petros track of his dbut album "V.I.P."
titled "Guilty (Girls & Boys)"


D/L: To The Club (Remix)

Here's an exclusive Amazon bonus track
from Ashanti's latest album "The Vault"
It's a official remix of "To The Club"


D/L: New Ginuwine Tracks

Here are 3 new songs by Ginuwine (Remember the pony guy)
that leaked online..
Rumour has it that he will have a new album titled
"The New Beginning" out April 9th, 2009.
And an official single in january..
The songs are titled "Hustler Hustler," "Wanna Do,"
and "My Last Chance"


vrijdag 5 december 2008

D/L: Utopia

And the Petros tracks keep on coming!!
By many request here another track
of his previous album "V.I.P."
titled "Utopia"


D/L: Call & Response: The Remix Album (Album)

"Call And Response:The Remix Album" is the
2008 album by Maroon 5.
It features remixes of hit singles and tracks
from Maroon 5s first two studio albums "Songs
About Jane" and "It Wont Be Soon Before Long"
by various artists and producers.

01 If I Never See Your Face Again feat. Cross (Swizz Beatz)
02 Wake Up Call feat. Mary J. Blige (Mark Ronson)
03 Sunday Morning (Questlove)
04 Makes Me Wonder (Just Blaze)
05 This Love (C. Tricky Stewart)
06 She Will Be Loved (Pharrell Williams)
07 Shiver (DJ Quick)
08 Wake Up Call feat. David Banner (David Banner)
09 Harder To Breathe feat. The Cool Kids (The Cool Kids)
10 Little Of Your Time (Bloodshy And Avant)
11 Little Of Your Time (Of Montreal)
12 Goodnight Goodnight (Deerhoof)
13 Not Falling Apart (Tiesto)
14 Better That We Break (Ali Shaheed Muhammad)
15 Secret (Premier 5 Remix) (DJ Premier)
16 Woman (Sam Farrar)
17 This Love (Cut Copy Galatic Beach House Mix)
18 If I Never See Your Face Again feat. Rihanna (Paul Oakenfold)


donderdag 4 december 2008

D/L: Set It On Fire

Here's a new Eve track titled
"Set It On Fire" taken of
"The Transporter 3" soundtrack


D/L: Christmas Tree ft Space Cowboy

Okay, it's almost Christmas, so
the Christmas songs are comming!!
Here's "Christmas Tree" in a
Lady Gaga style !


D/L: Amnesia
D/L: Rock Boy
D/L: Quicksand
D/L: Trouble

Here are the 4 bonustracks of Britney's
new album "Circus"
I know I said that I'm not gonna post the
album.. Still not gonna ;)
But for the people in the countries where
the tracks are not included on the cd,
here yah go !


D/L: Lhuna ft. Kylie Minogue

Here's the track Coldplay recorded
with Kylie Minoque that was ment for their
latest album "Viva La Vida," but was
canceled because it was too sexy for
the "Coldplay sound"
The track's titled "Lhuna"


Here's the official video of Britney Spears'
2nd single "Circus" of her new recordbreaking
album "Circus"


woensdag 3 december 2008

D/L: Keep Pretending (Apocalypse Mix)

Here's the Apocalypse remix of the Petros
track "Keep Pretending" of his previous
album "V.I.P."
I really like this track!

What do u think?

dinsdag 2 december 2008

Britney Spears "Good Morning America" performance..



maandag 1 december 2008

D/L: I'm On

Here's a new Danja produced
Ciara track titled "I'm On"


D/L: Womanizer (Live Performance Remix)
D/L: Circus (Video Version)
D/L: Mannequin (Demo Version)

Here are 3 new Britney Spears remixes..
First the hot remix of "Womanizer," the one
she used for the last performances..
Second the "Circus" video version and
Third the demo of "Mannequin"


D/L: Flashback (Album)
*updated with a Retail version*

Here's Darin's new album "Flashback"
The album features his new single
"Breathin' Ur Love " featuring Kat Deluna!
I must confess it's a really good POP-album!!

1. Breathin' Ur Love ft. Kat DeLuna
2. Seasons Fly
3. Road Trip
4. Dance
5. Karma
6. Flashback
7. Strobelight
8. Girl Next Door
9. Runaway
10. Paradise
11. See U At The Club
12. What If (Bonus Track)
13. Brought Me Back (Bonus Track)*
14. Insanity (Bonus Track)*
15. Breathin' Ur Love (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)*