woensdag 10 december 2008

D/L: Sugar & Spice (Album)

Mya has now signed with a label called
Manhattan Records & released her
debut album for them entitled "Sugar & Spice"
on December 3rd only in Japan.
"Sugar & Spice" will be preceded by
the first single "Paradise"

01 Must Be The Music
02 Paradise
03 Sold On Your Love
04 One For You
05 Almost Naked
06 Cry No More
07 Ego Trippin
08 Lets Go To War (Introducing Faith Boogie)
09 All In Your Mind
10 Shy Guy
11 Money Cant Buy My Love
12 Back To Disco
13 Fallen Part 2 (Feat. Tre)
14 Paradise Remix (Feat. Sean Paul)